Our History

We stand behind our reputation and will continue to serve our community with the values instilled by our funeral directors.

Why Birchwood Exists

As early as the 1970's, people in South Eastern Manitoba were seeing the need for funeral home alternatives. Since near monopoly situations existed in some centers, costs for services were rising fueled increasingly by corporations that were taking over the usual family oriented funeral homes.

What better way to take on the challenge of big business and profit motives than to provide an alternative in the form of a funeral Co-op. Birchwood received its charter on January 14, 1997. Within a year nearly 2000 memberships were sold and by May 1998 our million-dollar facility was fully operational.

Everyone in the South East and Winnipeg can now enjoy a complete range of funeral services at lower costs.

How the Co-op Works

Membership at Birchwood is your opportunity to take some measure of control of
- Funeral Costs
- Monopolies
- Uncertainties and fears related to your personal funeral arrangements

Here’s how it works:
A person becomes a member of the Co-op by purchasing 200 (or more) common shares at $1.00 each - that’s $200.00 (or more). Please note that there is a waiting period of six (6) months for full benefits to apply. The full amount of the shares will be refunded should you pass away prior to end of the six month waiting period. 

This entitles the person: 

1. To voting rights

  • to elect the board of directors
  • to help decide major issues, etc.

2. To a refund of your $200.00 (or more) at your funeral. 

3. To a discount from the general public’s fair market price for your funeral. 

4. To an accumulated credit based on accrued profits - credited to your funeral (or estate). 

5. To the peace of mind that comes to an individual and their significant others from knowing they have taken some measure of control of their final hour.
Becoming a member is an easy process!  Contact our office at 204-346-1030 or visit us for more information!

Co-operative Achievement Award

The 2004 Cooperative Achievement Award was awarded to Birchwood Funeral Chapel by the Manitoba Cooperative Council "In recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Cooperation and Cooperative Development." The award was presented by the Honourable Rosann Wowchuk, Minister responsible for Cooperative Development for the Province of Manitoba, in October 2004.

Business of the Year Award

The Steinbach Chamber of Commerce Annual Spring banquet was held on April, 2006 at the Mennonite Heritage Village. Birchwood Funeral Chapel was named the 2006 Business of the Year recognizing the extraordinary growth of the business and contribution to the community.